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GoHenry Review – Free £20.00 Sign Up Offer

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The concept of GoHenry is brilliant, it helps kids to learn about saving, budgeting and allows them to learn about money management. 92% of parents have said that GoHenry has made their child more money confident.

GoHenry Features

GoHenry features a prepaid debit card to be used by kids and an App that is controlled by parents.

The GoHenry App has interactive videos and quizzes that kids can complete, which teaches them about saving and investing. The App also features learning new skills, which are then rewarded with points and badges, this can encourage children to remain motivated to learn and acquire knowledge.

The GoHenry App also gives parents peace of mind as they can keep on top of their child’s spending, by setting a weekly budget that they want to top their kid’s card up with, if they choose to and being notified of all their transactions.

There are also lots of customisable controls that parents can set. For example not allowing ATM withdrawals, setting spending controls.

GoHenry Benefits

A win win feature of the App is that it allows parents to set tasks that will allow the child to earn spending money when they complete a certain task. A great way to get kids to do their chores and other pocket money earning tasks.

Customisable Cards

The GoHenry Customisable Cards feature is also one of their popular features. You can choose from over 45+ card designs and personalise it with your child’s name. This is a very unique feature which I feel helps to create a great sense of trust and responsibility for the child.

You can apply for a GoHenry card for any child between the ages of 6-18. You can set up multiple accounts for more than one child.

Sign Up Offer

GoHenry are currently offering a free £20.00 sign up offer that gets credited to the child’s GoHenry account once you activate their card.

Joining Process

– Sign up for a new account using the above link and complete the application process.

– After this step, top the account up with £5.00.

– Once your child’s GoHenry card arrives in the post, activate it via the GoHenry App.

Upon activation the £20 will be added to the GoHenry account within 24 hours, usually gets added on a lot sooner.

If you choose to spend the £20.00 yourself or you want to draw it out for your child, you will need to transfer it to the child’s card from the parent account. You can then withdraw it from a cash point. You can also use the card to spend the free £20.00. The pin for the card can be accessed in the secure card section of the App. Click on the GoHenry card option and it will give you the option to view the pin there. In this same section you can opt to either allow your child to draw out funds from an ATM or you can completely restrict this option.

Please note that GoHenry is a subscription service which is charged at £2.99 a month. You will need to cancel your account within the first month if you no longer choose to keep it after the first free month. But with over 2 million users and counting, it seems to be a very popular concept that parents are loving.