Money Making Tips

My Top 10 Tips On How To Make Money Online

With the beauty of having technology at your fingertips, you really can make money at anytime whilst using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Below are my Top 10 Tips on ways to make money online:

  1. Sell your unused items on Ebay, Vinted, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. The beauty of selling items you already own is that the money you make is not taxable. Apart from Ebay all the above sites are free to list and sell on too.
  2. Complete market research studies. There are so many platforms available that now offer differing sums of money for completing various different market research studies. Some sites that I recommend that pay generous amounts are Respondent and Grapedata.
  3. Use data collection sites like Prolific. Prolific is one of my favourite sites. They have daily studies available for you to complete on their site. They all vary from a time perspective, but usually take anything from a few minutes to 20 minutes or longer to complete. Each study offers a different monetary reward for completing. Once completed the different study owner will process the funds at different time intervals. Sometimes the money is available on the same day or can take a few days/weeks to become available. I usually wait until my balance has reached £5.00 and then withdraw the funds for free into my Paypal account.
  4. Use quick and easy survey sites like One Pulse or Premise. Both these sites offer very quick and easy surveys for you to complete. On One Pulse, you control how much you can earn per study, depending on how many you complete to increase your survey payment rate. Once I accumulate a balance of $20, I then cash out into my Paypal. On Premise, studies are worth £0.25 on average, they can be anything up to a £1.00. It’s free to draw out, once you have a balance of £7.00.
  5. Use cashback sites every time you make purchases online. The top two cashback sites that I recommend are Topcashback and Quidco. Always check both sites to see which site is offering the higher cashback offer for the online store you are about to purchase from. Then click on the cashback deal, which will re-direct you to the retail site you are intending to purchase from. Shop as normal and your cashback will track once you have made your purchase. Cashback amounts will then clear after so many weeks/months, once it’s cleared you can withdraw it to your bank account or to your Paypal or redeem for vouchers. I have both apps downloaded on my phone and I check them regularly for cleared cashback and withdraw accordingly. My referral link for TopCashback is
  6. Use receipt upload apps to make money. Don’t throw your receipts away. Upload them on the following Apps, Shoppix, Storewards (only available on IOS), once you have reached a certain balance, you can convert your points for vouchers or have a monetary value transferred to your Paypal. Also use HUYU to upload your supermarket receipts and Snap My Eats to upload any food related receipts. Once you have uploaded 25 receipts for two months in a row on Snap My Eats, you will be able to claim a £10.00 voucher. With HUYU, once you reach a balance of 500 points, you will also be able to convert the points into a £5.00 voucher.
  7. Regularly review free money offers banks may be offering to do current account switches. This can be a good way to make a good sum of money every year. Usually rewards can range from £100 – £150.
  8. Look at reward accounts banks may be offering, where if you comply with certain criteria every month, like have two regular direct debits going out of the account and logging into your online banking account, you can receive a regular monthly monetary reward.
  9. Follow money related pages on Instagram, for example my Instagram handle is I regularly share some great referral offers that may be on at a particular time, where companies offer a generous monetary referral offer on sign up to promote their new company/App.
  10. Turn your hobby into an income stream, for example if you have a creative streak, look into selling your creations on Etsy or related sites. If you have a passion for writing, consider becoming a Blogger!

Good luck with making the extra £££££££’s.