Money Saving Tips

Top Ten Tips To Try & Lower Your Energy Bills

In the current energy crisis climate we find ourselves in. Doing all we can to try and cut down on our energy consumption is likely to be on everybody’s list of priorities. With the price hikes in April and another hike set to go ahead in October, we really need to get on top of implementing some energy saving tips.

  1. Go around your house and unplug plugs from sockets that are not being used and switch the socket switches off if the item plugged in is not being used.
  2. If lights are not being used around the house, then make sure they are turned off and not left on.
  3. If the heating comes on automatically in your home, consider controlling it manually so it only comes on when you really need it on. During the summer months you may not need to switch it on at all.
  4. Consider using air fryers to cook your food items as it cooks items a lot quicker. This would save having the oven or cooker on for a lot longer, when cooking the same item.
  5. If you make a lot of hot drinks throughout the day, then fill your kettle up and boil it once in the morning and fill a thermos flask up with the hot water. You can then use this hot water for drinks throughout the day. This way, you won’t need to keep re-boiling the kettle and the already boiled water won’t go to waste.    
  6. Don’t always increase the temperature on your washing machine for hot washes. Low temperature washes also clean your clothes effectively and are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  7. Don’t leave items on standby, like your TV. If it has a switch, switch it off.
  8. If you haven’t done so already, consider changing the bulbs in your house to LED bulbs. They really are a massive cost saving when it comes to energy consumption.
  9. Try and cut down your time in the shower. If you enjoy your long showers, cutting down will help you to save on your energy bills.
  10. Avoid using the tumble dryer wherever possible, especially in the summer months. Also consider using an airer inside in the colder months. Using the tumble dryer is quite costly with the increased energy prices.